The Seven Salems

by | Aug 22, 2017

Joseph Herrin (08-22-2017)

Genesis 14:18-20
Then Melchizedek king of Salem brought out bread and wine; he was the priest of God Most High. And he blessed him and said: “Blessed be Abram of God Most High, possessor of heaven and earth; and blessed be God Most High, who has delivered your enemies into your hand.” And he gave him a tithe of all.

Yesterday was the total solar eclipse that spread from the coast of Oregon to the coast of South Carolina. I watched the eclipse from my home in south Georgia which provided a viewing of about 93% of the eclipse. I want to share something about the eclipse that brings further light to what has already been said.

Before the eclipse I heard from Randy and Kathy Furman who are in Arizona. They told me that the solar eclipse would have totality crossing over seven towns or cities named Salem.

This struck me as unusual. Let me give you a little bit of history of the name Salem. The name Salem is found in the 14th chapter of Genesis. Its name means “peace.” It is also found in the 7th chapter of Hebrews.

Hebrews 7:1-2
For this Melchizedek, king of Salem, priest of God Most High, who met Abraham returning from the slaughter of the kings and blessed him, to whom also Abraham divided a tenth part of all (being first, by interpretation, king of righteousness, and then also king of Salem, which is king of peace; without father, without mother, without genealogy, having neither beginning of days nor end of life, but made like the Son of God), remains a priest continually.

Paul says that Melchizedek is without father and mother, without genealogy. He has neither beginning of days nor end of life, but we know Shem has both. We can tell from the Scriptures cited that Mechizedek was not any known man. What we are told is that his name means “king of peace” for Salem meant peace.

What do the seven towns or cities mean?

But now turning to the number Seven, we must first consider the meaning of the word…

It is seven, therefore, that stamps with perfection and completeness that in connection with which it is used. Of time, it tells of the Sabbath, and marks off the week of seven days, which, artificial as it may seem to be, is universal and immemorial in its observance amongst all nations and in all times. It tells of that eternal Sabbath-keeping which remains for the people of God in all its everlasting perfection.

In the creative works of God, seven completes the colours of the spectrum and rainbow, and satisfies in music the notes of the scale. In each of these the eighth is only a repetition of the first.
[Bullinger, Number in Scripture,]

We can therefore see that seven Salems indicates an end of peace. But what of the next eclipse to follow seven years later? We are told that on the territory that is marked by the intersection of the two eclipses that there is another Salem.

See where the road listed is S. Poplar Camp Rd. That is not all the roads that there are. You have to zoom in even closer to see the detail.

Crossroads of the intersection – Salem Rd.

To see this in it bigger area, let us look to the next map.

You can see that this is just below Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. It is the home of the Salukis, and the newspaper of Little Egypt. It is where everything is named after Egypt. But what is not known is that the names of the towns around there came from the Freemasons: Thebes, Illinois, Cairo, Illinois, Makanda, Illinois, and Memphis, Tennessee.

Saluki Stadium Pyramid

Saluki Stadium is right near the point of the greatest eclipse this year. It is 210 miles from Memphis.

There is an even larger pyramid in Memphis.

The pyramid was built in 1991 as a sports venue. The pyramid lay empty and abandoned from 2004 to 2015. Beginning in 2015 it has been the world’s largest Bass Pro Shops. It has a hotel, three restaurants, a bowling alley, an archery range, and a large aquarium.

There is much Freemason derived architecture in America. At Illinois Southern University I have found a building built as early as 1870 that had a Masonic cornerstone. A page said, “This is the original cornerstone that was laid by masons for Normal Hall in 1870. This monument can now be located in the southeast corner of Morris Library.” Seeing that this University was founded in 1869, it sounds like it was devoted to the sons of Masons.

In my own backyard I took the following snapshot during the eclipse.

The shadows are all coming through to the hood of my bus as little crescents.

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  1. Unknown

    Brother Joseph:

    I gather that you are of the opinion, as I am, that it was Paul who wrote the book of Hebrews?

  2. Joseph Herrin

    Dear John,

    Yes. That is my understanding.


  3. José María Armesto Caldeiro

    Así es. Fue Pablo. Los estudios gemátricos de la carta de Bullinger, si no recuerdo mal en su libro CÓMO ENTENDER Y EXPLICAR LOS NÚMEROS DE LA BÍBLIA HERMENÉUTICA, lo demuestran claramente.

  4. Deirdre

    Dear Joseph,
    I had shared this a few times on my blog (I don't have now), in person with many people and I share it again with you and your readers.

    Back in 2008, I had this brief dream. I saw a map of America. A line was drawn starting at right under Dallas Texas. It went through AR, TN, KY, Ohio, PA, and ended in NY. I then heard in my spirit, "There is a fault line where there is no fault line."

    At the time I thought it had something to do with my relationship with my husband…we were fighting a lot during that time. I thought the dream meant 'something was going to crack' for us. ((We are great now!) However, over time I would come across interesting bits of information that have confirmed to me that the LORD meant something else!

    1. A youtuber had posted the exact same line. He was following mini earthquakes that were occurring along sights where there is fracking. ((I don't have a link to his channel b/c info that I had collected over the years was stored on a hard drive that was stolen)). 2. Then in September of 2010 Christchurch NZ experienced a 7.1 earthquake. A year later, they experienced a 6.3.

    I did some online research and found that 20 years prior to their earthquakes, they too were fracking. Geologists stated they had found 'fault lines where there were no fault lines previously. That phrase/information really stuck out to me.

    3. Now I see this picture of yet another eclipse, seemingly marking America with an X. And if you notice the line of the April 2024 eclipse touches those states I mentioned above except TN. (In my dream the line was a smidge lower and did touch thru TN.) That line goes through the New Madrid fault line.

    I praise GOD that HE always gives HIS people a 'heads up' before things happen. I pray we are all able to endure till then end.

    Very interesting find with all the Salems!

    PS David Wilkerson was killed in Texas…somewhere near where I saw the line starting and his church was in NY. He did a sermon years ago, "A call to Agony' I think is what it was.

  5. ByWaterAndBlood

    I get an image of Passover considering the sun is being blotted out and passing over 7 Salems (Salem also means "safe, whole or perfectly in covenant.") From reading up on this word I get the full meaning to be that what God has built for this particular time is complete and will play out in full for the benefit of His kingdom. God will cash in on His promise. He commands His people in Revelation 18 in the following passage:

    Then I heard another voice from heaven say: “Come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins or contract any of her plagues. For her sins are piled up to heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities. Give back to her as she has done to others; pay her back double for what she has done; mix her a double portion in her own cup. To the degree that she has glorified herself and lived in luxury, inflict on her that much torment and misery. In her heart she says, ‘I sit as queen; I am not a widow and will never see mourning.’."

    Following this sign in September is the Revelation 12 sign where the male child is born. Revelation 12 is part of the 7th trumpet. I believe Revelation 11:15-19 may be a summary of Revelation 12-22. If you have any insights from the Spirit regarding this I'd love to hear them. I will respond in a second comment with some further resources explaining the word "Salem" so you can see where my statement is coming from.

  6. ByWaterAndBlood


    (šālēm I), intransitive q. be finished, to have satisfaction; pi. repay, reward, fulfill a vow, recompense, retribute, to make complete, to finish; hi. make peace, fulfill, surrender


    A. Verb.
    shalam (שָלַם, 7999), “to finish, complete, repay, reward.” The Hebrew root denotes perfection in the sense that a condition or action is “complete.” This concept emerges when a concrete object is described. When sufficient building materials were at hand and workmen had enough time to apply them, “the wall [of Jerusalem] was finished” at the time of Nehemiah (Neh. 6:15). However, this Hebrew root is also found in words with so many nuances and applications that at times its original and basic intent is all but obscured. In the nasb, for example, shalam is represented with such words as: “fulfill, make up, restore, pay, repay, full, whole, wholly, entire, without harm, friendly, peaceably, to be at peace, make peace, safe, reward, retribution, restitution, recompense, vengeance, bribe, peace offering.”
    Perfection and completeness is primarily attributed to God. He is deficient in nothing; His attributes are not marred by any shortcomings; His power is not limited by weakness. God reminded Job of His uninhibited independence and absolute self-sufficiency: “Who hath prevented me, that I should repay him? Whatsoever is under the whole heaven is mine” (Job 41:11). And Job himself admitted: “And who shall repay him what he hath done?” (Job 21:31).
    Without any deficiency or flaw in executing justice, God is likewise never lacking in mercy and power to bestow benevolences of every kind. Job is told by his friend: “If thou wert pure… he would make the habitation of thy righteousness prosperous” (Job 8:6). He can make it happen that “… to the righteous good shall be repaid” (Prov. 13:21). Cyrus says of the Lord: “He… shall perform all my pleasure” (Isa. 44:28). The Lord will also “… restore comforts unto him and to his mourners” who wept in the Babylonian exile (Isa. 57:18).
    The God of perfect justice and goodness expects total devotion from His creatures. Job, suspected of not rendering the required obedience to his Maker, is therefore urged to “be at peace [with God]” (Job 22:21).
    The concept of meeting one’s obligation in full is basic in human relationships. Israel’s social law required that the person causing injury or loss “… shall surely make it good” (Exod. 22:14). “And he that killeth a beast shall make it good; beast for beast” (Lev. 24:18). In some instances, an offender “… shall pay double unto his neighbor” (Exod. 22:9). David declared that the rich man who slaughtered the poor man’s only lamb “… shall restore the lamb fourfold…” (2 Sam. 12:6). Debts were not to be left unpaid. After providing the widow with the amount needed, Elisha directed her: “Go sell the oil, and pay [shalam] thy debt…” (2 Kings 4:7). “The wicked borroweth, and payeth not again…” (Ps. 37:21). A robber who has mended his ways “… give[s] again that he had robbed…” (Ezek. 33:15).
    National relationships were established on the basis of “complete” negotiations. Thus cities and peoples “made peace with Israel” after they agreed to Joshua’s stipulations (Josh. 10:1). War between the two kingdoms ended when Jehoshaphat “… made peace with the king of Israel” (1 Kings 22:44).

  7. ByWaterAndBlood

    B. Adjective.
    shalem (שָלֵם, 8003), “perfect.” God demanded total obedience from His people: “Let [their] heart therefore be perfect with the Lord our God, to walk in his statutes, and to keep his commandments…” (1 Kings 8:61). Solomon failed to meet this requirement because “… his heart was not perfect with the Lord his God” (1 Kings 11:4). Hezekiah, on the other hand, protested: “… I have walked before thee in truth and with a perfect heart” (2 Kings 20:3).
    In business transactions, the Israelites were required to “… have a perfect and just weight, a perfect and just measure…” (Deut. 25:15).

    shalam (שָלַם, 7999), “to recompense, reward, be whole, be complete, sound.” A common Semitic term, this verb is found in ancient Akkadian and Ugaritic and in all periods of Hebrew. The root is familiar to most people in the word shalom, which is the common Jewish greeting. The verb shalam occurs just over 100 times in the Hebrew Bible.
    In its first occurrence in the Old Testament, the word has the sense of “repaying” or “restoring”: “Why have you returned evil for good?” (Gen. 44:4, rsv). Sometimes it means “to complete or finish”—for example, completing the temple (1 Kings 9:25). In Lev. 24:18, shalam describes compensation for injury: “And he that killeth a beast shall make it good [life for life].”


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